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3 min readMay 22, 2020

Authored by Kathy Kong.

Our mission at Free Ventures has always been to help ambitious student founders at Cal who have to juggle a rigorous academic environment with the challenges of growing a company. Because of the global pandemic, these challenges grew tremendously as life as normal was put on hold, and students had to suddenly adjust to a remote education. Despite the many obstacles that came with the pandemic, our founders made amazing progress throughout the semester.

That’s why we are super proud to introduce Batch XIV — 5 companies that are working to empower artists & therapists, increase productivity, improve online education, and make data science more accessible.

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MUSA Artwork at the SheCann Conference. Learn more at


MUSA is a digital platform connecting local emerging artists with unconventional venues. Through MUSA, neighborhood venues are transformed into art spaces that the local community can rediscover reshaped by the art around them. This is the first platform where venues are able to search for and choose the type of art and event that they want to create. Musa uses a simple matchmaking process and handles all of the business details of the arrangement, payment system, art-hanging solutions, insurance, contracts, and promotion

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Healthpoint helps mental health professionals manage payments and online presence. Therapists earn more from their revenue by using a simple, shareable link with the cheapest payment processing platform. In addition, therapists can manage client inflow and understand valuable data to optimize their private practice online.

Using Polyture to analyze COVID data. Learn more at


Polyture is an intuitive, all-in-one data analytics platform that gives small teams and individuals the capabilities of a data science team. Polyture is designed for ease of use so anyone can build complex data computations with no training or background in statistics or computer science. We aim to power data-driven decision while saving time and effort.

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Myntor produces industry-driven video problems that help teachers relate class material to real-world problems. Each high quality, industry-grade problem is taught by a professional from companies like Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, and Facebook. Each problem can be solved at students’ own pace in class, at home, or on the road.

3D rendering of Oki’s productivity booth


Oki Office produces soundproof productivity booths for open-plan workspaces. Oki’s booths provide on-demand privacy for employees, a balance between focus and collaboration, and space efficiency without compromising affordability. Oki has successfully manufactured its first product, developed a go-to-market strategy, and refined their pitch. Currently, they are iterating on features and plan to test their product with local companies after finalizing their sales strategy.

If you’d like to personally get in touch with any of our companies, feel free to reach out to me at and I can help set up an introduction.

Visit the Free Ventures website to learn more about our current and past batches, and subscribe to FreeV Spotlight for monthly updates and articles about our amazing founders!



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